Tuesday, March 25, 2008

....and life goes on

I spent the weekend cherishing my family and doing things that heal.

First: the local church had a community Easter Egg hunt....This was after crafts, drama and singing. The kids had a blast.

We colored eggs here at home. And got food prepared for the usual family dinner at my brother's house. This cake was part of our contribution. DD helped decorate it. She really loves the cooking thing.

I finished the cloth that I started at pop's bedside and gave it to my SIL who hosted the family. There are a few mistakes in it. Guess my concentration wasn't so good. But she loves it anyway.

Pattern: diagonal ripple cloth
Yarn: Lily's Sugar n Creme
Color: Delft Blue
Needle: US7

I started to knit a prayer/healing shawl for the ministry at church. Dad was given the last one by the woman at church who is a nurse at the hospital and happened to be not only on his floor but taking care of patients right next door (and really took care of him as well) She tells us that on his last good night, they spent hours talking about many things and felt honored to have met him. This is a Lion Brand pattern and I'm using the same yarn that the group uses... Lion Brand Homespun, even though I really don't enjoy knitting with it. It is incredibly soft though (and machine washable) I knit during both services on Sunday morning and felt no guilt but prayed that the spirit of the services were knit into the cloth and it would provide as much (or more) healing to whomever receives it as it was giving me to knit it. I hope to finish it this week.

We had the annual egg hunt at my brother's house in the afternoon. The eggs were hidden in crazy places and obvious places. DD cleaned up, but she knows that she has to share the loot with her brothers.

Mom really enjoyed watching the excitement. It was the normalcy of the kids with the holiday that kept everyone going.

The good news is that our family was blessed with a new baby on Sunday morning. And she's beautiful Congratulations Cameron and Rachel. I'll cast on soon with a BSJ... just ordered the yarn (superwash merino) last night from Knit Picks I also bought yarn for the Wild Stripes blanket from Knitty.com to knit for our friends who are expecting their third. NIce to know we're not the only crazy ones out there ;-)

Early this morning (like 2AM) I dyed some yarn that I had spun on my wheel. I used the leftover egg dye for this skein. I didn't know what I was going to call it, but then it struck me.... hyacinth. It really looks like a combination of the colors of hyacinth with the green leaves. What do you think?

Today, I went to mom's to help clean out dad's stuff. I got all his clothing packed up so we can donate the usable to the church rummage sale next month. The unusable, I'll take to recycle. She's doing OK... sometimes better than her daughter.

until later, happy crafting


hakucho said...

So glad you can move on. It's difficult at a time like this, but maybe it was good that you had the holiday to help you heal. Prayer shawl knitting is very rewarding. It is amazing how much comfort they bring. Your hand spun yarn is beautiful, great name :)

Hope every day gets easier :)

The Phillips Fam said...

I am happy to see that you have been out enjoying Spring. I tried to call, but the lines have been busy. I am sure things have been a little crazy lately. We would love to get together soon. Know that our prayers and thoughts are with you. We love you,

Sarah, Adam, and the girls.

BunnyStamping said...

It's very pretty! I am going to try this myself soon. :)


PERFECT YARN! The colors are lovely! Eerie, though, that we seem to be sharing the same knitting wavelength!

g-girl said...

well i'm glad the weekend was spent with family. that cake didn't even look real! ooh, hyacinth is gorgeous. :) what are you going to make with it?? glad to hear your mom was doing okay.