Tuesday, June 26, 2012


the stash back to its home. This makes me realize that I REALLY may not buy any more yarn. I have lots of gorgeous recycled yarn that I've been sorting by weight. And tons of commercial yarn, so it's a moratorium. Actually I haven't bought any in over a year (of course I've knit next to nothing) but not even more sweaters to frog (unless they're cheap and 100% cashmere, preferable DK or heavier) Well, even that would be hard because I haven't been to the thrift store since forever either. I'll post a picture when I'm finished but DH bought these shelves and filled 40% with clear rubbermaid storage bins which are filling up quickly (with recycled yarns :))

the stash started like this

then the basement looked like this

and the new picture has yet to be taken, but it'll be a beauty.

And hopefully, the room I'm painting will be complete soon. I want to leave it steampunk but DH wants to box out the pipes.

I forgot to mention the little friend that came to visit us the other day His cardinal parents were flying around encouraging him to take the leap. The neighbor's dog scared him to death. He is so sweet.

off to weed the garden a bit then move more stash.

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