Friday, August 17, 2012

had to share

in the ravellenics I earned a few medals. Not as many as I had hoped but I guess enough considering we were on vacation at the time as well. Hat Dash - 2 Lace Longjump - 1 Frogging Trampoline - 1 Cowl Jump - 1 Holiday Hurdles -1 Colourwork Cross-Country - 1 Single Skein Sprint - 2 Baby Dressage - 1 Shawl Sailing - 1 Synchronized Stashbusting- 4 I guess not too bad... Can't post pics yet as there is a gift for someone who reads my blog. trying to prepare for school both physically and mentally.... not being too successful! Oh and I have a stress fracture at the top of my tibia so my workout schedule has been interrupted until further notice (and just when I was beginning to drop some pounds)

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