Monday, June 25, 2012


Thank god it's summer!

It's all about baseball. DS1 is on his league's all-star baseball team. They have a game Tuesday night. They lost their first so depending on the outcome it could be their last or they could play again on Thursday. I'm hoping for the latter. He's done remarkably well this season and I'm insanely proud of him. He was Snoopy in his school's You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown musical as well so we had a hoppin' spring.

DS2 played baseball as well so we were at the field almost every night after school and play practice!

I am headed back to the elementary school to teach and couldn't be happier. I need to get started on making awesome lesson plans. The new books are in my car.

My kids have kept me insanely busy with their schedules, but I guess that's what keeps me young.

My latest project that just finished blocking and drying today is a birthday gift for a friend that I hope to see this weekend.

Pattern: Citron

Designer:Hilary Smith Callas

Yarn: my own handspun targhee cross 2 ply (from a raw fleece)

Weight: fingering

Color: swimming pool blues (kettle dyed with BerryBlast Kool Aid and medium and dark blue Wiltons gel)

Needle: US6

Yardage: less than 600

I hope she likes it. It's only my 3rd project that I've made using handspun. The 2nd was this gift for DH for Christmas, which he wears but I'm not completely happy with:

Also not the most clear picture. That was with 3 ply BFL undyed except for the trim which was romney dyed with coffee.

I haven't knit or spun much in the past 2 years being at the JHS... Hoping that will change with the school change this year.

Well my list of summer projects is growing. And we'll have company for 7 weeks or so, so rather than type more I should get cracking.

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g-girl said...

glad to hear that you will be back at the elementary school. yay! your citron is lovely! enjoy the rest of your summer. :)