Wednesday, February 02, 2011


two more days off from school. Can't do a thing but bake, eat, knit, watch movies.

so tired of winter.... glad Phil saw no shadow... the hope for spring grows by the day.

Yesterday i made a pair of pants for DDs American Girl Doll.. wish I had bound them off differently, but they still work. CO 4 times for them. Here's a picture... details will follow when I finish the outfit

It all started with the retro cardi... that still needs buttons... Also made a flouncy lacy skirt... that needs elastic... maybe I should do all that today so I can update this blog.

she decided she wants to do her room a la 70s hippie.... found these sheets at Garnet Hill. She opted for the white with the matching comforter cover. Since she has a full comforter on a twin bed, I bought a new duvet in twin size also.... from That came today.

Shoveled out heavy icy slush... did the neighbor too. will be a nice surprise for them when they get home. He helped me out last Thursday by lending his muscle when I needed to get to work.

Off to make the kids lunch.. they came to play while I was out working... although DD did help shovel a bit.


hakucho said...

Your daughter's doll will be very warm and toasty in her new pants! I need a pair, too ;) Can't wait for this winter to be done and over. Stay warm :)

g-girl said...

love the ice picture. that's what i've been asking my sister for-it being her first winter in chicago. no such luck. lots of snow though! :) hopefully it will warm up soon (at least a lil bit!) for you guys. :) cute AG pants!