Monday, February 21, 2011

the jellicle moon was shining bright

and jellicles came to the jellicle ball.
We all went to see CATS last night at the State Theatre in Easton. All 5 of us... not an inexpensive adventure, but worth it. The boys were entranced. Although DS2 said that there were moments he didn't like, but his favorite was McCavity. And admittedly, the whole meaning was well over the kids heads, but I'm determined more than ever to take them to as many live performances of quality as possible.

Last week DD and I went to see ASOs condensed version of Carmen. DH directed the chorus so the only cost for us was the babysitter for the boys. She loved it.

After looking at the page for the company that put on the show I noticed that they were at the Flynn theatre on Valentine's Day. I had a friend from HS that used to do stage managing at the Flynn (among other art venues in CT and VT) who just passed away last month. As I was at the show last night I imagined him running it, without knowing that were he still alive he WOULD have run it just a week before. I believe he's running some bigger shows right now. I also felt this presence of a former colleague of mine giving me props for taking the kids to the theater. She was quite a classy lady whose son is a dancer on Broadway. So Mike and Rho... thanks for the visits last night. I know you were smiling at me.

Day off today and we had a little bit of snow... and I have a headache for the I can't tell you how many day in a row... I remember mom having headaches a lot... now I'm feeling your pain....

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g-girl said...

such a great idea to expose the kids to theatre now. that way they will have a great appreciation for it later. :)