Saturday, January 29, 2011


i've had enough... i love the beauty of it, but really.. I'd rather enjoy the long summer days without kids pining to be OUT of school.....

So.. this week, we went to school late Monday because of cold. It was -5° F in the town I teach 2 hours after school was supposed to begin... brrrrrrr
Tuesday was a normal school day.
Wednesday we got out 2 hours early because of impending snow, which came to my home, but not to the town where I work. At my house 3".
Thursday, 2 hour delay. At home there was an additional 9.5", which meant my car didn't clear the snow in the unplowed alley. In the town I teach, maybe 3". So I left the house at 7:20 am, after shovelling, and by 8:10 was on the street in front of my house (just trying to get out of the alley).... got to work by 9:00 to start teaching at 9:30. It's usually a 35 minute commute.
Friday another normal day.

It's killing my instrumental lessons... kids forget their instruments, lessons are shorter than they should be. My 7th grade class has been shortchanged by about 30% of class time.

And my own children are crazy. My son informed me that he hasn't had a full week of school in 7 weeks. It's flurrying as I write this post.. and there's a storm predicted for mid-week.

I'd post pictures, but I've misplaced the card reader for the olympus... guess I should start searching for it!

Sorry, but I'm ready for spring.......


hakucho said...

Know the feeling...we've had 4 snow days so far this school year and that's all they allow for. Looks like we'll be going to school until July ;) We had so much snow up on our family room's and garage's roof(way over 2 feet) that we had to hire someone to remove it!! With the snowstorm coming mid week we would be in trouble for sure. Can't wait for spring!!!Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

g-girl said...

how far away is your house from where you teach? jw. wow...your son hasn't had a full week of school for that long? I couldn't even imagine.