Sunday, January 09, 2011


I needed to take the clarinet to get worked on and between here and the shop is a VIA thrift store so the car headed that way on the return trip, even though it was snowing.

No fibery finds but....

a beautiful mug for 99¢ love the shape and color. There were 2 more, but they weren't in such pristine condition.

glow sticks for next Halloween (yes I was thinking ahead.. hope that doesn't make me a hoarder) 300 10" with connectors for $5.97 They were a HUGE hit this year and I paid about $1 for 20 sticks

But the best find of the day by far, a 1.5 qt Calphalon infused sauce pan for 2.99

DH was happy with the last find. He'd like a set of cookware like that as would I without paying the original price tag. Guess I need to keep my eyes peeled. It gives me a reason to thrift.

Came home and took the kids sledding so that DH could get some quiet rest. He's recuperating from orthoscopic surgery on the knee.

DD and I made manicotti Friday for dinner... with crepes as the shells ....really yummmo. The recipe may become a staple!


hakucho said...

You are quite the bargain hunter...great deal on the sauce pan :)

ColorSlut said...

I love finding good deals!

g-girl said...

love the mug! :) oooh, what a great find!