Saturday, October 23, 2010

thrift finds

today was church rummage sale day.... one of the local larger moravian churches and the largest local UCC church... happy day for me
Rosetti purse for me.. Originally I thought I'd use it for the handles but I think I'll use it as a purse for a while. Spent a whopping 50¢ for it.

A tri-fold Nine west wallet that DD will take for 50¢.

Quite a few books for the oldest two children (and a later tongue lashing from the youngest that I brought him none) 50¢ each

Shot glasses for my nephew-in-law for Christmas in the shape of beer mugs.

Pampered Chef patriotic heart cookie mold $1

At the second sale:

A great hamper (ok the color is garish, but the hamper is GREAT!) I'll probably paint it

Putter practice for my brother from the kids for Christmas

Gingerbread bath soap flakes to use as a little gift

note card stationery

krups mini espresso maker $1 even if it doesn't work, it was worth the gamble

2 pearl necklaces $1 each... gonna have them checked out Monday to see if the pearls are real or not... they are heavy necklaces though. Interestingly enough, the second one has a
cool clasp.. it goes into the last pearl. You can see the entry for the clasp in the picture.

DD and I went to the thrill the world at the local Y tonight sponsored by Pennsylvania Youth Theater. Couldn't convince her to join the dancing though.. maybe next year. It was amazing the people that were dressed up!


Jane said...

Wow, you got terrific finds! I love rummage sales - so many goodies all in one location.

yoel said...

Good eye! Scratch a tooth against the pearls. Real ones are gritty.

ColorSlut said...

Wow. Great finds!

g-girl said...

i love church rummage sales too. they've always got the best stuff! how's that coffee maker? ;) the hamper looks cool!