Saturday, October 02, 2010

happy birthday pablo

My baby turned 6 today at 12:16 PM.... it seems like yesterday that he was born!

He wanted THIS cake... told me exactly how to make it... so I had to oblige.
It was the perfect day for comfort food... after all the appetizers... veggie chili, cornbread casserole and mac and cheese... yum

off to do some school work. Yes that's where I've been... I' still alive, just no time for anything but work ... so sad!


g-girl said...

that is a fantastic cake! :) everything sounded yummy. hope pablo had a great birthday! same here--though i'm trying to make time for things other than work. :) it's tough!

Jane said...

Awesome cake! He is one lucky boy!

Kristyn said...

The cake is wonderful! Hope Pablo had a great day.

ColorSlut said...

Happy birthday! Great cake.