Monday, November 08, 2010

what the day brings

well today was kind of a a poopy day at work... I'm blaming it on the time change. My percussion student was absent, my clarinet make-up didn't have his horn.... AGAIN!! and my students well lets just say it wasn't their best foot forward today. I'll add to the fact that I could have been a little crabby with the time change... seriously all it does is make the day shorter. I leave in the dark and now practically come home in it.

DD had chorus after school today, so I sent Prince Charming to pick up the boys from school and I did the grocery store chore before picking her highness up. While there I found this most interesting romanesco broccoli. The shape intrigued me, so I had to bring one home. THere has to be some kind of fibonacci series in those points! I'll make it on Wed with dinner.. supposedly more tender than cauliflower!

When I went to load the groceries in the car I looked to the northeast and saw this:

Not the most brilliant but still a promise of better days. There was a brilliant double one on Friday that I missed. A friend caught it on film and shared it on facebook, so I was able to appreciate it albeit vicariously!

After I grabbed DD from her rehearsal, we stepped out of the school and looked west to a GORGEOUS sunset. The iPhone truly did NOT capture its beauty. There were many purple hues that were lost in this photo.

WE came home to a yummo dinner of spinach quiche (a family fave) and mashed potatos (whites and yams mixed), the latter being much needed comfort food after the day.

So even if you think the day is rotten, look for the many blessings bestowed upon you. They're there, you just need to open your mind, eyes and heart!

oh on a knitting note... I finished the Möbius winter bag and it's felted :) And I finished another little buttonhole clutch yesterday... so i felted them all together.. Pictures to be posted after they're lined...(which could take a bit of time) But will be worth it!

Now to decide what to put on the needles next......


ColorSlut said...

Great photos. Post a picture of the bag :)

hakucho said...

That is an odd looking broccoli. I don't think I have ever seen one of those around here....very interesting. Did you cook it yet?...I was wondering if it tasted more like cauliflower?

g-girl said...

love the shot of the sunset! this is the first time i've ever seen a broccoli that looked like that before. so what did it taste like? poor you..i leave with the sun rising and am no longer in the dark. for some reason it was an easy adjustment for me too.

AlisonH said...

That broccoflower is cool! And cool that you noticed and got such a good shot of it.