Saturday, March 06, 2010


is $ so this hat is winding up to be an expense

I frogged it down to the band... decided to put in the blue as duplicate stitch (no I had never done that before)
Reworked the top into 6 sections instead of 4
Started duplicate stitch... takes me longer than intarsia.
So far.....

guess it'll be ok when the other trees and reindeer are complete but wow.. talk about eating up time!

Finished another lizard ridge block. Sorry it's sideways. And made from scraps of leftovers from other blocks

I have to count but I think this is 30 which would make the blanket 6'x 5'. Time to block and sew me thinks!

eta: nope #29... so I'm knitting #30 now

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Jane said...

Wow, you are so patient! Your ridge square looks great!