Sunday, March 14, 2010

shower time

and I'm not referring to the weather... although that would be true as well.
I have 2 cloths finished for a bridal shower I'm attending in April

Ball Band warshcloths from the Mason Dixon Knitting book
Yarn: Lily's sugar and Cream
Colors: Red and White
Recipient: Heather H
Needle: US7 They're old metal one I bought at a flea mkt.. I love them, they're perfect for making cloths!

More to come

sorry about the lousy pictures.. when I finish all that I'm planning on making for her I'll take some pretty pics. No energy for that right now.

This week at school was one of the worst I can remember and NOT from the students. DH brought me lovely orange tulips on Friday to cheer me up a bit. And we watched a flick together Friday night and took the kids to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D.. I'm not sure the 3D was worth the extra $4/ticket. In fact, I know it wasn't. The best part was the blue morph butterfly att eh end... that was the kin of 3D you can get used to... and the rest... well I won't be buying a 3D version of it when it comes out.. but I will get the blu-ray cuz the movie itelf was really wonderful.

It's late, I'm tired... happy new time!


Jane said...

Such a satisfying knit, isn't it? I love the colors. Sorry you had a bad week.

g-girl said...

that was nice of your husband to bring you tulips to make you feel better. sorry that it was a rough week at school--hopefully it's your one and only!