Wednesday, August 19, 2009

katydid or didn't??

we came home last night to find this guarding the back door:

DD found it intriguing and it was high enough that she wasn't scared so I did a bit of a photo shoot on it.

Today when we were leaving the open house at the kids' school we found cicada shells... tmrw I have a date with the camera for them... quite interesting.

I actually have knitting pictures to post... old knitting but knitting nonetheless

DHs father's day socks:

Pattern: Herringbone Rib Socks by Kristi Schueler Interweave Knits, Winter 2008
Knitting Daily Free Patterns
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Sockotta Stripes effect
Colorway: 605
Needle: US2
Made for: DH Father's Day 2009

I started thes on the way to the airport and finished them about 2 weeks later with only a few meters to spare of yarn. I was very nervous about having enough to finish these.

Two lizard ridge blocks:


I've also done a few more squares on the way afghan... actually I think I have 1 complete and 1 partial to go... now on to blocking

We had some fun in the kitchen with a book that my SIL's mother sent to the kids Snack Art: eat what you create published by teacher Created Materials. Written by Elizabeth Meahl (is that a pun?) illustrated by Barb Lorseydl... Thank you Betty if you're reading this. I owe you lots of news!

The olive ant

and a healthy skateboard. This was a HUGE hit... I think we'll be using this book LOTS :-)

DD went with me to school on Monday to help me set up my rooms. She cut letters with the diecutter and helped with the bulletin boards. It was really a fun day for both of us. I can't believe they start school tmrw! Where did the summer go????

It's late, I'm tired and have a big day ahead of me!

Hopefully more very soon!


hakucho said...

Can't believe you are back to school already....we still have another week :) Love your squares...they must be fun to knit!

g-girl said...

hey, what's the skateboard made out of??