Sunday, November 23, 2008

where did the week go?

I started DH's vest. I have almost half of the back finished and am into my second skein. Holding it up to him, it seens it will fit. Miraculous if you ask me. I couldn't quite get gauge with my handspun. Sorry no pics yet.

DD and her third grade class ate lunch with the mayor on Friday. There is a HUGE tree downtown by the city center/public library. I'm talking like 30 or 40 feet tall. Her class (as well as classes at other schools in the area) made 'ornaments' to decorate the tree. I didn't get to go because it was during the school day. They ate lunch with the mayor. DH went and I think he took some pictures; I haven't checked the camera yet though.

I frogged that denim sweater. It yielded 1000 yards plus enough to swatch some. It's really nice yarn. Right now I'm working on the candy cane cotton,silk, lambswool blend. I've opted to keep the cashmere for me. Unless I wind up not using it, then to the frog pond it will go!

I was thrifting looking for a winter coat for DS2. He's growing incredibly fast. I can't believe it. No luck there, but I did find another chocolate cashmere sweater for me and some more green to make wreaths with as well as a linen/cotton blend that will become something in it's new life. It's in the deconstructed state right now.

I've almost finished another block of the lizard ridge as well.

And early early this morning, I took the pieces of felted sweaters that I cut out last weekend and during the week and did the sewing job on them. They're wearable in this state, but I'd like to finish the product by adding a lining. Even DH was impressed this morning before he left for work. I may give one a test run this week and I still have to find the right size for the boys. Sorry to be so cryptic, but it will be the gift of the year this year, which will cut down on my knitting considerably! Although my brothers may need something other than this gift. I have an idea for the middle child but not my oldest brother.

There's grocery shopping to do as well as coat shopping for the bookend kids. DS1 isn't happy with his coat but it's functional.. guess if he refuses to wear it it doesn't do much good though. I agreed to go to Burlington to look for coats since the chances of finding something there are really pretty good. I just hate paying retail.......

I'm cooking Thursday but only for 10. Niece and her DH are in France, my SIL is someplace outside of the US. She's hard to keep up with. Hopefully, I'll post again with pictures of progress on the vest before feast day. If not be thankful with someone you love!

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g-girl said...

only cooking for 10??? have a happy turkey day with your loved ones!