Saturday, November 15, 2008

rainy saturdays = thrift shopping

and I came home with a bit of a haul
From top to bottom:
cezani 55% silk/45% cotton blend longsleeve crew to wear for 2.45
Neiman Marcus dark fuschia light fingering weight 100% cashmere short sleeve ladies XL for 4.94 (I may save this to wear or give it to my mom)
LLBean pink tweed 55% silk/30% cotton/15% lambswool blend ladies rib turtlenck in a DK weight for 2.60
Visions (never heard of it before) gray marl Longsleeve turtleneck in lookd to be DK 57% silk/25% nylon/13% angora rabbit/2% lambswool for 2.45
Calvin Klein mens XL blue tweed (kind of denimy color) pullover worsted 80% wool/20% nylon for 2.35

I also bought 3 longsleeved cotton T's. 2 were Gap and one Land's End for less than $2 each. (I really need these)

A VERY cute denim jumper with Christmas appliques from Quacker Co (QVC brand) that has 3 adorable wooden pins on it for $7. It's long and if mom wants it, she may have it, but if she doesn't I'll keep it for me. It'll be big but comfy!

The blade on the rotary cutter I had been using for making the wreaths broke this morning… and I found 2 replacement blades for 1.91 Now THAT was serendipitous!

And I bought a CD for school... alphabet with a song for each letter. Very useful for KDG.

I could have hit more stores, but didn't want to push my luck. It was heaven shopping alone. I think I'll go again next week!

This morning, I made another wreath, this time a little 8 incher. It's so cute! Also last night and this morning started cutting out pieces for the Christmas gifts... but I won't be mentioning those for a while.... sorry mom

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g-girl said...

love the pink tweed sweater you picked up. you make me want to hit the thrifts though I'm not so familiar with the ones here vs. where I used to live!