Sunday, February 11, 2007

why oh why

Can't I get my progress bars to work??????

I've tried several times.... to no avail.

DD turned 7 on Friday.. where did that time go? The family (extended) came yesterday to help celebrate. There were 15 adults, one tween and 9 kiddos.... what fun we had!

Friday is the little girl party... at the bowling alley. One at home is enough thank you very much.

I've been in kind of a knitting slump, only getting to the needles when I'm on door duty at school. I started slippers for DD for her b'day but wasn't loving how they were turning out, so I frogged them (remember my name IS Penelope). I cast on again this morning and finished one today... hopefully the second will be finished by tmrw and I can throw them in to felt them...

I felted several sweaters yesterday with different projects in mind. I'll spill the beans later ;-)

Spinning wise, I've been working on the blurple blend. Not too quickly though. Time is escaping me this month... Maybe with the long weekend I can catch up a bit!

On the valentine front, we painted a wooden box for DDs teacher. The rub-on decals are next then top with a sealant. I want to make some cute little magnets for DS's teacher. and put them on top of chocolate covered altoids. Then she can store them in the can when it's empty!

Pictures later... have to go feed the troops.

happy crafting


Lea said...

Glad to hear all the b'day parties are over. Hopefully your dd enjoyed them!

As for the gift for dd teacher, that is such a cool idea! You are so creative :-D.

I know about the knitting slump... I sometimes get so into spinning, I get ahead of myself! I still have one skein of yarn I spun up that I still haven't even started on!

Good luck w/ the slippers. I'm sure your dd will like them, if only because Mom made them!

g-girl said...

did you figure something out yet about the progress bars? Have you tried checking the k1b2 blog? someone posted someplace about knowing how to make the progress bars appear. I'm too chicken to update my template cos I don't want to have to mess with that stuff!! hope someone can help you figure it out!

carole said...

I posted on k1b2 asking... I should check back to see if she answered. I know she's really busy with school these days.. I should never have switched over to the new blogger :-(