Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Safe post

I think it's safe to post my picture of the Monthly dishcloth KAL now.. I'm sure today is the last day

Pattern: Lacy Diamonds by Andi Worthy
Yarn: Lily's Sugar 'n Cream
Color: Sage Green (?)
Needle Size: 7

I spent almost as much time tinking as I did knitting this one. It seemed as though I forgot a YO on every RS row!

Also finished this past week:

Pattern: Rhonda White's "Infamous" Darrell Waltrip Cloth
Yarn: Lily's Sugar 'n Cream
Color: Countryside Ombre
Needle Size: 7

I love this cloth. It's great for varigated yarn. I think it's kind of like the linen stitch but over two stitches instead of one. I'd make this pattern again for sure.

I love the way these 3 cloths look together and YES, I did plan it. Someday I'd like my kitchen to have a grape theme on beige walls with green leaves and these cloths will be perfect as the 'blue' one is really purple. I'll put these away to save them for that day! It will be like a gift for the new kitchen!

Yesterday I went to DDs school and talked/demonstrated spinning with both the wheel and the drop spindle (thanks for the loan P) I watched a few videos on i can spin on how to spin with the drop spindle and all of a sudden it all clicked. I'm so excited. I'll spin the longwool on the spindle I think cuz then I can have two going at the same time. The kids were great and we had a wonderful time. I also taught them a folk song about spinning (naturally) I'llo post pictures of the spindle stuff later. Sorry I don't have any pictures from school... wish I did

Happy crafting


g-girl said...

that's so cool that you went to DD's school and did a spinning demonstration! :) How fun!!! I really like how the lacy diamond cloth turned out. I didn't start this one with the group and now that I know how beautiful it turns out, I'm definitely going to make one! :)

RC said...

your dishcloths look great! I'm still on day 4 of the monthly KAL.. just crazy here!

There is a folk song about spinning? Really? How does it go?

carole said...

It's called the sheep shearing song.
Go get the sheep we're clipping today
Clipping the wool, yes Clipping the wool
So we can knit a stocking for you
Then we shall dance till morning
Surr Surr Surr Surr Surr Surr
Wheel spins around hear the gay sound
Surr Surr Surr Surr Surr Surr
Then we shall dance till morning

Then vs 2 -4 go something like
Tell brother John we're carding today....
Tell sister Sue we're spinning today...
Tell mother dear we're dyeing today..

Mozart also wrote a lied about spinning. Didn't teach them that one though!

Tabitha said...

I like the colors you chose for your dishcloths. Isn't the DW fun to knit.

hakucho said...

Love your color coordinated cloths..they are all so pretty. They do look great together as a set :)

happy knitting :)

Lea said...

All the dishcloths are really nice! I think my favorite is still the top one, though. It's my favorite color AND it touches on my new lace obsession...

And I'm actually jealous of you getting a chance to demonstrate spinning to your kids school! I'm curious, what age group were they? It sounds like they really enjoyed it!

BTW, I found the Jacob you sent me was the best to spin on the spindle!