Tuesday, May 03, 2011

happy teachers day!?!

our teachers' union found out today that the school board did not accept our offer for pay freeze. we asked for a few concessions that would not cost them any money but offered to 'give back' over $250K. I don't get it. So I can't help but wonder what that means will be the fate for our programs and teachers. Anxious would be a word to describe the state right now.

My performance in the Rachmaninov all night vigils was successful, albeit short. I sang in the 2nd movement with my best Russian alto voice. That was pretty much my weekend.

My boys had baseball, the dd had a concert and a GS project and we managed to go to a birthday party in there as well.

the countdown is on at school. 25 student days left. Of course it's my busiest rotation. and 6 days until the spring concert. I'll be glad when it's all over and i can sleep.

One month until the in-laws arrive.

i nit 2 little baskets and filled them with chocolates for my own children's teachers today. Of course I sent them off to school before i took any pictures... I've made the basket many times before. It's a quick knit and a great stash user. Each one takes about 45 yards of worsted weight so it's easy to do with scraps.

school work beckons......

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g-girl said...

you are officially on summer break now, aren't you? we still have 2 and a half weeks left.