Sunday, April 17, 2011


The daffies are up and about spent, but the tulips haven't yet bloomed.
On Saturday, both sons had baseball scheduled. The youngest one's game started at 9. The real feel was 38°F. But early afternoon it was raining so hard and windy that the 5:45 game was called. It was a day for knitting and sleeping and reading.... all of which were done by the entire family (not all by everyone, but all by the 5 of us)

I finished MIL's bday gift.

Pattern: Echo Reversible Drop-Stitch Mobius by Kristin Omdahl in Interweave Knits Spring 2011
Yarn: recycled Abercrombie & Fitch 80 wool/20 nylon
Color: brown
Needle: US13
Buttons: Coconut shell purchased at A.C.Moore
Recipient: MIL

The only thing I needed to do was to ply the yarn double to make it bulky enough. I'm afraid it could be a little too long but I'll let her figure out how to deal with that. She loves brown and loves cables... hope she likes this.

Have to put this cute picture of the little man on opening day of baseball. Don't tell the older one that I forgot to take the camera to his game. I'll get some good shots of him soon. I had other stuff in the front of my mind. We had a concert that night that DH was conducting and I was soloing at. Left the baseball game early to go to the concert. This spring is going to be running around for sure.
DD found this nature anomaly today and insisted I take a picture of it. I call it the siamese twin dandelion.... kind of interesting.


Kristyn said...

I too thought spring was here but we had snow this morning. At least it all melted by the afternoon.

hakucho said...

Spring has sprung around here which makes me happy :) Your MIL will love her mobius...I'm sure of that!

g-girl said...

huh. that is an interesting daffodil. it kind of looks like a dandelion.

CraftyCarole said...

ggirl... cuz it is... obviously I need a brain transplant! LOL