Sunday, December 05, 2010

just an old bag

well I have 3 bags to show you actually

the latest is for DS1s teacher... this one she'll be getting as a gift ;-)

Pattern: Bag it Up! by Vicki Mikulak Holiday Mystery Gifts 2009
Yarn: Recycled Abercrombie and Fitch sweater 80 wool/20 nylon
Color: Oatmeal
Needle: US 10.5
Lining: Cotton Flannel from stash
Recipient: Mrs. Austin

The sweater cost me $4. As you can see, the yarn felted up very nicely... and this yarn is really soft. And I have 3 full skeins left. So for $2 worth of yarn I have this bag. I wanted to line it to put a couple of pockets in and stiffen up the bottom, but I had nothing to stiffen the bottom with. So I cut out the fabric to line it and lo and behold in among the toys laying around from DS2 was this piece of plastic packaging from an over the door wreath holder that the boy had taken out of the Christmas box to play around with, and left it lie (as is his usual MO) I took it as manna from heaven and checked and low and behold with about 1.5" cut off the length would be the perfect size for the bottom of the bag. Thank you very much :) Before I added the lining I cut letters from a navy felted sweater and appliqued them on the bag (the teacher's initials) as per DS1's request.

This WAS the purse she was going to get... I don't like the shape so I don't know what will become of it! It's too wide and not tall enough... lesson learned from Paton's chestnut merino.. so sad.

This little bag fits in my möbius purse to put whatever in that I don't want to lose!
Also Paton's merino in chestnut brown with worn denim trim

It's from the Bordhi book. I learned to make it from the bottom up so I can use that technique for toe up socks someday.

Speaking of socks. I finally spent a gift certificate DH and the kids got me eons ago at yarn market for a set of Lantern Moon onyx sox stix and a skein of noro kureyon sock yarn. I'll make DH a pair of socks.. Doubtful they'll be finished in time for Christmas. I still have DD's teacher's gift and some AG stuff for her to make. But maybe by 3 Kings day.. if I'm lucky.

OK... off to do some school work. I graded all my papers, now I need to plan for the week. I'm off Friday to go to my own children's parent/teacher/student conferences. These 4 days can't go by quickly enough My concert is Thursday night.. I'll be so happy when it's over!!!!!!


Jane said...

A lucky teacher! The bag is super! I esp. love the monogram! Great idea!

CraftyCarole said...

thanks Jane... have to admit that son of mine is brilliant!

hakucho said...

The initialed bag is gorgeous...that teacher should be very happy with her gift!

Those Lantern moon needles are they super smooth, in a little see through cloth pouch? I think I saw them in my local knitting store and I drooled, but they were so expensive! Lucky you ...enjoy :)

g-girl said...

i hope these teachers realize how lucky they are to receive such wondeful handmade gifts from you!