Monday, December 20, 2010


the number of fingers on one hand
the number of toes on one foot
the number of people in our family

how many days left until Christmas.... ACK!!!!!!!!

What a great weekend... Friday night was the MoCo dinner dance.. the theme was China. Culinary mix of Chinese and American food. Entertainment was Chinese dancers. DH gimped on the dance floor with me for a bit.. what a trooper.

Saturday brought playing Santa... finishing up the last minute shopping. I must be crazy. Next year, I swear it will ALL be done online!!!!!!!

Although I found a nice JCrew sweater at the thrift store and it was the right color tag so it was 75% off.. bulky 100% wool.. should yield some nice stuff :) and a set of Crate and Barrel 7" discontinued Christmas plates new in the box for $5. I may gift them... very cute. There's a set on ebay for $30.

Saturday night brought the Boksan's party. Thanks to our awesome friend Heather we were able to go. She had the kids over to her house.... our 3 and her 2 to play for a few hours. The hostess at the party gave out wine this year as a gift.. and her sister made little cute cozies for each bottle. caps and capes some bags, som with caps and scarves, one had a santa suit on. All knitted. VERY cute!

Sunday, ah the day of rest. Not quite! DH left for church early and I got up shortly thereafter. I ordered more gifts online, made chocolate pretzels with the kids, peanut butter kiss cookies, wrapped teacher gifts, made a gift for the GS leader, helped decorate the tree, and made this Eucalyptus wreath for my mom to give my SIL.

I hope she likes it. She didn't want mom to spend a lot... I understand now why they're $50 and up... never again!

Also have some knitting to show:

Pattern: Maggies Mitts
Needle: US3
Yarn: Recycled Abercrombie and Fitch and 100Purewool
Colors: Smokey Black and meloncoton (think Flyers)
Recipient: Mr. Beaman

This is DS2's classroom teacher's gift. Also from recycled sweaters. I bought the little red balls at Target in a container that looks like a round ornament. There were plenty in the container for the GS leader's wreath and a larger one for us to hang here at home (just need to get the balls on it and a bow!)

Now to address the Christmas cards.. I've had them for a week. DH sent his to Argentina and did no more :-/

And I have a few more things to make... some things for the girls. They're on their way, just need some extra time... and more cookies of course!

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hakucho said...

Sure looks like you are getting a lot accomplished! Love your wreath made of recycled sweaters...very cute :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!