Sunday, February 28, 2010


it's finished... well it needs blocking but it's warm and cozy and complete and I LOVE IT!

Pattern: Every Way Wrap Interweave Knits Fall 2009 by Okmin Park
Yarn: from MIL from Argentina... 2 ply heavy worsted with plenty of veg matter
Color: natural
Needle: US10
recipient: ME! (it's my new year's resolution to knit for myself)
Modifications: knit 17 cable repeats in place of 16
Buttons: wooden from stash

I really love this so much.. and the fact that it's reversible cable rocks.
This was the first time I made something from a chart and was not bad.. considering there was errata in the chart that I didn't get when I started. It took me 2 weeks... almost to the hour.. I started at opening ceremonies when they were aired ET and ended at 6:05 PM 2 weeks later. Sometimes I knit without the cable needle, (well in my case a dpn), and sometimes with .. and honestly to me it seems much faster to knit with. There's no fiddling and it's so simple to just knit off the end.. why bother the risk of dropping stitches.. don't get it!

I've started the olympic reindeer hat and it's my mission to finish before the closing ceremonies today... Had to dye yarn red in order to do it.. but I WILL win the gold. (IT's my first at doing colorwork for this hat!) Quite the olympics of firsts for me and it feels GREAT!

so warm and squishy...


lesley said...

hi carol
fabulous wrap, enjoy wearing it
lesley :-)

Jane said...

Carole, fantastic wrap! I'm so impressed that you finished it in 2 weeks - gold medal for you!

Now we have to get your photo turned around!

yoel said...

So pretty! It looks so cuddly and warm.

hakucho said...

Your wrap turned out great...I LOVE it :) I'm sure you'll love wearing it too :)

ColorSlut said...

I love it! Wow - nice job.