Tuesday, February 09, 2010

happy 10th birthday daughter

you've finally made it into the double digits and I'm happy to say that you're becoming a lovely young lady :)

It was an American Girl birthday..... once spring arrives we'll have a girl's day at the American Girl Store in New York.

My in-laws gave her this wardrobe for her AG clothing. I put it together while we watched the AG Chrissa movie

She also got a few AG books....

And I made this for her doll Elizabeth

Pattern: Very Easy Pullover by Cecelia Riehl
Yarn: Red Heart Baby Twinkles
Color: Shaded Blue Twinkle
Needle: 3.0 mm

The only thing I did was knit this is the round so there was only the sewing of putting the sleeves into the armholes.... easy knita and DD loves it.. TIme for me to knit more clothes for her because THIS she really appreciates!

It's snowing today... we're supposed to get over 12".... no school.....


Jane said...

Aww, happy birthday! I love AG! My daughters have stopped playing with them, but we all still love the movies and books.

g-girl said...

i hope she had a wonderful birthday. Ohh, i'm so jealous that you will get to go to the AG in NYC! :) I'm sure she loved all of her wonderful gifts. :)

hakucho said...

A very nice sweater indeed! Happy belated birthday to your daughter!!