Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 things i think are cool

(in no particular order)

  • iPhone... no I don't have one.. Yes I'd love to have one.
  • iPod.... love that I can carry around an eclectic library of music wherever I go
  • knitting.... the amazing things you can do with two sticks and a piece of string
  • bargains....who doesn't love them???
  • friends (and family)...you know the ones who love you no matter what
  • female mammal's body.... don't get all wierded out... but it can make an organ to support the life that is growing within it AND then make the liquid nutrient to sustain that life after it's born.
  • facebook.... love that I've reconnected with friends from high school, college and grad school
  • internet....love that all that information is right at your fingertips
  • ocean....the incessant waves
  • nature....doesn't get any cooler

1 comment:

N. Maria said...

Those 10 things ARE cool. Made me think about things......