Thursday, October 30, 2008


after much consideration and processing of opinions, the verdict was don't be a schmuck, do the embroidery. So I did and it's done! YAY!!!!!! I'm as happy about that as the Phillies winning the world series. I figure that could be once in a lifetime event for me and perhaps this blanket will be as well. Unless my neice has a baby and wants a blankie like this.

So of course, this post will be loaded with shots of the blanket. What would you expect? I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders and Baby Laura can have her blanket for her trick or treat. Nice Halloween gift, no?

Less that a week after she was born, I gave her 3 pair of the booties I had made during the olympics, included in which was my favorite pair the felted old world booties. Hope that she could wear them. I'd be really happy with this blanket were it for me... hope the baby likes it. Yes those are her initials and birthdate embroidered in the back of the blanket. The thing I really love about this is that it's not 'baby' looking and you could have it as a lap blanket if you wanted. Love the colors and it's a nice weight.

No tmrw night maybe after the brownie party, I'll wind the skeins of yarn so I can start DHs Christmas vest.


The Phillips Fam said...

Carole! that is amazing. I love it! That fabric on the back is perfect.

g-girl said...

it's fantastic! wish I were the recipient of this knit!