Sunday, August 01, 2010

what are we doing fun today?

we've been on the go like crazy.

Monday we went to see the Iron Pigs . The game was tied 3-3 in the 5th.... and the tie broke in the top of the 15th.. they lost! We sat on the picnic patio with the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the American Chemists Society.

Tuesday we went to Coney Island. First the aquarium. The only thing we didn't get to see was the children's petting part. We didn't arrive until about 11 because the traffic was pretty backed up. It worked out OK though because there were lots of groups from schools and day camps there and they cleared out earlier than we did. This is part of our membership for the zoos in NYC area. There are plenty more pictures.

After that we went up on the boardwalk and hit a few amusements. The kids did some and DH and I went on the famous Wonder Wheel. Of course we took a swinging car... there is one point when you're coming down that feels like you'll continue right off the edge of the ferris wheel. Cool views..and interestingly enough it's made from steel from Bethlehem Steel. I thought the price was a bit steep for one ride. Now I understand the allure of places like Hershey and Dorney Parks.

After that he and I and DD went on the Cyclone Rollercoaster It was SO much fun. There is a discount for second ride if you do it right away. Instead of $8 it's $5... We only did it once... but i LOVED it!

Wednesday, DH and I went into NYC while my SIL watched the kids. I wanted to take him to see Wicked for his birthday, but he didn't want to spend that much on tickets. So we took a bus in (waited at the depot for 2 hours.. .darn Bieber lines, that's a whole other story though...) stood in line about 10 minutes at TKTS and got 50% off tickets for West Side Story.. a show he really loves. We ate lunch at the Olive Garden I love that you can have as much salad as you want. Saw the matinee and then walked up and in and around Central Park, about the city etc after the show. We took the night tour bus and crossed the bridge into Brooklyn (that bridge crossing felt almost like an amusement park ride! You are so high up!) We really had a blast and I took lots of other pictures...

Thursday I took a friend to her doctor appt. and then ran to the doctor myself. My legs were swollen and had little spotted red broken blood vessels that originated from my sock line looked like this. None of the docs could figure it out, but after some research, my symptoms point to Henoch-Schönlein purpura. The swelling has resolved and the spots are lighter... I'm not worried.

Friday we went to dinner at Mama Nina's for DH's birthday. Later we had a cake for him. We feted him with breakfast in bed and some Argentine gifts, soccer ball, water bottle, bag, lanyard etc and I made him this necktie.

Pattern: My own - will post later
Yarn: I spun during last year's Tour de Fleece. Top was bought at Milana Hilados in Buenos Aires
Needle: US1
More details to follow.

Yesterday we went to Bushkill Falls
We hiked the red trail, ate lunch, went mining for gold, played on the playground, ate ice cream. The weather was perfect and DS2 lasted almost until the end of the hike (good thing because he isn't a lightweight)

We saw a doe in the woods. She couldn't have cared a bit for all the 'human' noise around. It was a perfect day for the hike. Weather was incredible! And we all slept VERY well. SIL and I stayed up to watch the DVD the Blindside... beautiful story. Bullock deserved the oscar she won!

My SIL leaves tonight and the rest of the week is the start to prepare for back to school for all of us. I have a few fun excursions left though b4 it all ends....

I'll post the tie pattern later :-)


Jane said...

You are having such a fun summer! I love your Coney photos - and I would love the cyclone.

We saw Wicked in NYC last summer - but you can't beet WSS!

Love the tie!

ColorSlut said...

Goodness what a good time! Baseball in summer is just so great. It is like - how a summer should be spent!

g-girl said...

loved all the pictures!! from the sea lion with it's mouth wide open to the shots of the cathedral. :) looks like much fun was had by all in NYC. :) ohhh, don't remind me that school is starting very very soon!