Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ten on tuesday

10 signs that you're getting older.
I could only come up with 9... maybe that means I'm not getting that much older? Doubtful

  • harder to lose weight
  • gray hair
  • memory starts to fail
  • need readers in order to see to read
  • more content to sit
  • less patience with loud noise
  • awaken in the middle of the night
  • don't understand the music of the youth as well
  • think of the past as the 'good old days'

taxes are filed (hopefully) need to do the city ones while I put the kids to bed... We e-filed last night but it was rejected because of a silly typo....

The stress is building... but I'm trying to remain calm. I had to fix my tiedye dress and my boss' shirt tonight.. also dyed one for DD...

off to argue the chillins to bed


missliz said...

Sounds like you are on the ball. Taxes filed and kids to bed. Relax. Life is too short for stress.


I am getting your getting older symptoms too, but my list includes an inability to remember all of the Hair Bands from the 80's. Believe it or not that is the music my teenager enjoys!? And he quizzes me daily. Ahhh!

Have a great day! Liz


You forgot to mention all those little aches and pains that weren't there the day before!