Tuesday, March 26, 2013

so much since the last post.
DD is 1st chair flute in her school concert band YAY... all those lessons are paying off. Her all-city chorus concert was tonight and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
DS1 and DS2 had great conferences today :) Both are playing baseball this spring.


Lived through my observation in a very positive way!

 2/3 grade concert was last Thursday.  Just a taste of the concert:
2nd grade
 3rd grade
It was dedicated to Music Makes Your Mind Grow... for music in our schools month!
The kids were terrific!!!!!

My chorus is singing the National Anthem at our local AAA division PHILLIES baseball affiliate  next Friday. WE can't wait. I designed T-shirts for them. SO EXCITED!!!!!!

Had the best time teaching 6th grade today.  (major, minor and dorian modes) The ideas kept coming the faster I taught. It was awesome. I'm going to make some manipulatives for class that I'll share when they're finished.

My friend and I did the SOAR award for 2 groups of winners today. It's always so much fun to do something with those kids that lets them have fun and be creative at the same time!

Little League keeps me hopping as player agent and trying to get the league moving in a forward growth direction. Fortunately, I have some very positive people on my side. I never would have guessed I'd be so involved a year ago.

The band parent president asked me to consider being an officer next year. I said ok... Am I nuts? But it's an incredible organization.

What's that?? I finished a baby blanket weeks ago that is still waiting to be blocked.... pictures after that happens (which I hope is before the baby is born!)

OK.... gotta do some school work! Night all